All things paranormally colloquial:

Agent-the person who is the center of paranormal activity.

Anomaly-something which deviates from the normal and are usually not explainable by science.

Apparition-a spirit taking on a physical form which can then be seen.

Automatic writing– someone with this skill is able to write without conscious thought. Its use in paranormal research is as a means to contact spirits, not unlike a Ouija board, but the words are being written by a pen held in the hand of the automatic writer.

Clairaudience-“clear hearing”, the ability to hear sounds inaudible to the normal ear.

Clairsentience– “clear feeling”, the ability to feel things which are not felt by the average human sense of touch. That doesn’t mean reaching out and touching a ghost stapler or anything but rather having the ability to feel presences and have your “gut instincts” often be correct.

Clairvoyance– “clear sight”, the ability to see events which have not yet occurred.

Cold spot-exactly what it sounds like. A point of concentrated coldness, colder than the surrounding environment which is believed to indicate the presence of a ghost.

Demon-a malevolent spirit, typically defined within the sphere of the Jewish or Christian faiths. Some people will make the distinction between a demon and daemon (pronounced “daimon”). A daemon is considered a benign spirit much like a guardian angel.

Direct voice phenomenon (DVP)– basically disembodied voices. Typically the voices of spirits occur during a séance in the presence of mediums but have been documented otherwise.

Electronic voice phenomenon (EVP)-this is a technique in which electronic equipment is used, such as a tape or digital voice recorder, to capture voices and sounds which have no physical explanation.This also can refer to the use of things such as radios and the use of white noise by spirits to communicate.

Electromagnetic field (EMF)– electric and magnetic fields that radiate from radio and light waves. Fluctuations in this field are often thought to be linked to paranormal activity.

Energy-a term often used to refer to spirits or ghosts and their hauntings. Typically this is best suited to non-intelligent anomalies. This seems like a harsh categorization but basically this is akin to an amoeba. It may be a living thing that occupies space but it does not really appear to have much responsiveness that we would consider intelligent. Intelligent energy usually refers to entities which will knock when asked or respond to EVPs.

Exorcism-the expulsion of spirits and demons, usually done in a religious context, from a person or place which is being haunted/possessed. Think “The Exorcist” and you’ve pretty much got it, but less dramatic usually, or at least dramatic in other ways such as a different voice coming from the agent but no no upside down spider walking.

Extrasensory perception (ESP)– extra senses which help a person garner information that is not readily knowable. These sense allow a person to know things about the past, present, or future when others without these senses cannot.

Ghost– the soul or energy of a person disconnected from their body by death. Their appearance ranges from relatively solid bodily forms to thinly present forms, mists and other forms unexplainable.

Haunting– paranormal activity being present repeatedly over time with a specific person or place. These can be apparitions, sounds, smells or various other things unexplainable by science which occur repeatedly.

Orb– a highly contested photographic phenomenon. Orbs are circular globes or streaks of light that appear to emit light. These days many have been debunked as dust or natural weather.

Paranormal-phenomena that appears to defy the known laws of science. The reason we’re here, in other words.

Poltergeist-a mischievous spirit. It can move objects and create noises. From the German “noisy or mischievous ghost”.

Possession– a person’s body and consciousness being taken over by a spirit, usually a demon.It is rare to hear a story about a ghost posessing a person’s body.

Presence-well, also just about what it sounds like. It is the feeling of a spirit being present that is not necessarily seen. This is important to note because it is really very easy to misconstrue concerns or other emotions for “presences”. Spookers often will get a feeling like something is watching them or that they aren’t alone after reading too many ghost stories, etc.

Séance– a ritual designed to help contact the dead which often involves a psychic medium. These rituals will vary in many ways depending on people’s knowledge and cultural affiliations. Séance comes from a French word meaning “sitting” or “session”. Pretty general sounding, but it is, in essence, just that. A session in which people try to contact the dead.

Spectral-a snazzy way of saying “spector”. A spector is only another word for ghost or apparition.

Spooker– a term I use to indicate someone who is easily spooked by ghost stories, ghost movies, ghost shows, etc. who can often interpret being spooked as presence of phenomenon when it’s really just emotional. Personally I have been known to be in this category at times. It’s not derogatory, just descriptive.


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    […] Research. He would later work with Eleonore Zugun, a young Romanian woman. Zugun experienced poltergeist activity including scratches that would appear on her body. In Price’s own […]

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